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DJ's feedbacks for Marc Antona's Album "Rules of madness" on Dissonant (DSCD001)

Read here some detailed feedbacks for Marc Antona's album "Rules of Madness", released on Dissonant as a CD and 4 vinyls in September 2011.

Adam Beyer - "Great release and grooves from Marc as always. In the box (case). :-)", "Great release from Marc, like the depth and organic flow of both trax, quite reminiscent of early Ricardo and Luciano stuff, which more in this genre sounded like this."
Adam Port - "Deep and pupmy. That's how i like it! Niccce! A cool and trippy ep. Love HOME REBELS!"
Alex Celler - "Classy, deep, fresh and intellectual productions from one of my fav producers Marc Antona as per usual...Straight in the box.. Thanks for the music ;)", "Crush to Pulp, classy deep techno once again from Marc, in the box to stay. 5/5."
Alex Kid - "Oh wooow! I was expecting good, but this is reaaaally good to m y ears... It's got dub , house and techno, right down my alley!.. I am pleasantly surprised. Nice nice one! (chanmé)"
Alex Neri - "really nice grooves from Marc again!! Support on Prohibition Circus!"
Ambivalent - "Fast Track is fantastic!! Will definitely support this release. Thank you for sending!", "I really like All Against The Law. I will definitely play it!"
Andrew Grant (DC10) - "Illegal is lovely deepness!!!! Will be playing for sure!", "Prohibition Circus is very VERY good!!"
Angel Molina (Sonar) - "Excellent record, very hypnotic. Tracks as 'All Against The Law' and 'Prohibition Story' are pure musical drug. All my support to this!", "Fast Track sounds dark, sounds good!! Will play!"
Anthony Pappa (Australia) - "Great album. Proper underground tunes. Crush To Pulp was a stand out track for me from the album...."
Brendon Moeller - "Useful dancefloor material. I'll be using them. Lovely!"
Butane - "Immediately appreciate the sound aesthetic..."
Carlo Lio - "Crush To Pulp for me... that is a really cool track!! Thanks for sending!", "The Hammock Spider Story track is really cool.. love the subtle groove ... a lil unsure about the vocal just yet.", "Really cool grooves here.. Circus and Fast Track are cool.. will play out."
Catz n Dogz (Greg) - "Home Rebels is the one for me. Excellent deep melodies for late night set."
Chris Tietjen - "Crush To Pulp is a really nice one.. gonna test it out!"
D'Julz - "Fast Track is definitely the hot one here. In the box. Nice one!"
Dan Curtin - "Marc continues to impress, great work! Crush To Pulp my fav.", "One of my favorite Marc Antona EPs to date, really well produced too, love how All Against the Law, builds and grows like it's alive, full support!"
Daniel Stefanik - "This is a really great ep! Nice sounds!!! All Against the Law for me."
Danny Howells - "Strong EP, like them all but will probably go with Prohibition Circus - thanks!!"
Danny Tenaglia - "Thank you for sending these over. Gonna give them a spin and see how they work.:-)"
Dave DK - "Nice tools here, guru is my fave"
Dubfire - "Great album , thanks", "BOMB tracks from Marc!!"
DVS1 - "Fast Track is the pick of bunch for me here... Will test it. Thank you!!"
Ellen Allien - "Marc i like your sound design and ya trip.:-) Guru for me!", "Uhhh Spring Pack is sounding good. Will play it!"
Ewan Pearson - "I like the fat chugging bassline of Fast Track the best. Will play it."
Franco Cinelli - "HUGE! LOVE the Crush To Pulp Track! Thanks for sending!", "Oh yeah now that is a cool Spider Story Track!:-) Playing! Thanks.", "Spring Pack is a really nice track! ;-) Playing!"
Gabriel Ananda - "Prohibition Circus is a nice track for the beginning of the set. Nothing that stays forever in my case, but a good tool. Fast Track has a nice sound-design. its also quiet understated. I maybe would mix it in at 5:00. It's all a bit long for my taste. But a nice record anyway!"
Gary Beck - "Interesting stuff here from Antona! Last Taboo is really cool! Gonna try it out."
Gel Abril - "2 really cool laid back tracks from Marc. Like them!!!", "Crush To Pulp and Illegal are really top tracks!", "I LOVE both tracks on this new release from Marc. Playing! thanks."
Gregor Tresher - "Fast Track, what a killer track!!! Straight into my June Top Ten."
Hector Romero - "I'm really feeling the dark tech groove on Prohibiton Circus - nice one."
Hernan Cattaneo - "Good stuff again from Antona! Fast Track and Home are the ones for me here."
Joris Voorn - "This ep is really nice! Love the subtle percussive grooves on both tracks."
Joel Müll - "Wow. This is truly inspiring album. Soundscapes and production skills is top notch."
Kabale und Liebe - "Really DOPE grooves throughout this EP!!"
Kaiserdisco - "Very cool tracks for our ibiza sets. Will definitely be playing!"
Karotte - "All Against The Law is very cool. Thanks for the vinyl copy :-)", "Prohibition Circus & Fast Track are perfect for me. Big support.", "Prohibition Circus & Fast Track are perfect for me. Big support.", "The Hammock Spider Story is great. Played this in my radio show and will play it in all clubs. Thanks for the vinyl too."
Kiki - "Fast Track is my pick of the pack though the rest is cool too!", "All Against The Law" is deep, dark & dangerous. The autumn may come!", "And more dope choons from Mr Antona! "Crush To Pulp" is great!"
Konrad Black - "Heavy dub bass killers from Marc! All Against the Law maybe my fav? Support.", "Once again, all bombs! Nice work Marc. Support on this Ep for sure!", "I have loved every release. I am not even listening to the whole thing, downloading and straight into the box! Possible for vinyl promo on this one?"
Layo - "I am really loving Spring Pack here. Will def be playing that!"
Lee Curtiss - "Really cool tracks! Home Rebels being my favorite. Will play!"
Loco Dice - "Last Taboo...YEAHH!! Big love from me!"
Luca Bacchetti - "Nice one!!!!!!! I love both... probably Spring Pack my Fav! Funk!"
Luciano - "Marc's album is very groovy ! Every timespace is carefully handled and the music really flows ! Always with surprising grooves and arrangements, so delightful to listen to during long evenindgs !"
Maceo Plex - "Super sick Perlon style production from Marc! Will play them!"
Magda - "I'm gonna test out the Spider Story..."
Marc Romboy - "Great package! All Against The Law roxxxxx"
Marco Carola - "Guru is a BOMB!! Well done Marc!", "The Hammock Spider Story is yet another nice track from Marc. Supporting.", "This is a another great EP from Marc. Spring Pack my fav.", "Really nice ep Marc! Support from me for sure!"
Martin Eyerer - "Marc Antona's stuff is some of my fav music.. always!", "The whole album is really amazing stuff! Congrats to that. Played already the last 3 e.p's.", "Love all Marc's work and these are another cool set of tunes!"
Mauro Picotto - "Always good stuff from Marc,All Against The Law is traditional in a good way. Thanks.", "Another great set of tracks! Crush To Pulp is my pick.", "Brilliant creations from this label again, as I like it.. each track sounds unique.", Always lovin Marc Antona's style, very unique. Fast Track best!"
Michel de Hey - "Spring Pack is the one for me, Antona rules!", "Subtle as always! Illegal stands out for me, again killer bassline, great!", "Mr Antona is always has this cool, dark, smooth not over the top groove. hard to choose Home rebels , will try them all!"
Oxia - "Both tracks here are good again, but I'll play The Hammock Spider Story. :-)", "This is a really nice EP from Marc. Every track has something good! Support from me!"
Paco Osuna - "Full support always on Marc's music...,i will play for sure.", "Oh yes... Guru is very nice!!! Playing! ;-)", "These are both very nice tracks! Support from me for sure!"
Paul Woolford - "Psychedelic grooves ideal for mid-set, the usual high quality from Marc. 'Fast Track' being the inital pick although 'Prohibition' is also nice."
Radio Slave - "Lovely release....really into both tracks... 10/10!"
Ralf - "Really nice... Fast Track is for me... plays coming!"
Raresh - "Crush To Pulp is good for me! I'll be trying it in my sets.", "Spring Pack is sounding very cool. Will test it!", "Fast Track is the track for me here! Will play it!"
Reboot - "All Against The Law is the favourite for me but Spring Pack is also good, full support on both!!!"
Ricardo Villalobos - Play it
Richie Hawtin - "Downloaded" all :-)
Robert Dietz - "Spider story will always be mine... like it!!"
Santos - "Always Great Marc!!! Super quality of trip .. Crush to Pulp, drive me crazy.... Support!", "Both quality tracks! MASSIVE!", "Fu** AMAZING !!! ALL 3 very well done!!!!!"
Sascha Dive - "TOP", "All Against The Law sounds promising. I'll give it a play and let you know."
Satoshi Tomiie - "Last Taboo, piano sounds great on top of the bed of cool beats, it's a nice work of a talented 'chef ':-) "
Sebastian Roya - "I like all tracks!!! Nice job! 5/5!","Spring Pack is very much my fav. Full support for Marc.", "Crush To Pulp is a BOMB!! Great music Marc!", "The Hammock Spider Story is the killer track for me here! Support!"
Shlomi Aber - "All Against The Law is sounding cool to me. Will test it.", "Another cool one from Marc, very nice groove on the Spider."
Sian - "Excellent deep rollers here from Antona. Spring Pack will get some love. Thanks.", "Very nice style of production! Great ep from Marc!"
Slam (Orde Meikle) - "Cool grooves... love Marc's productions and these are no different! Playing :-)", "Love this label!! Will spin all 3!!"
Stacey Pullen - "Prohibition Circus has a really excellent groove!!"
Stephan Bodzin - "Love the whole release! Will def playout & chart."
Tassilo (Pan-Pot) - "Nice release again from Marc. Home Rebels is the pick!"
Terry Francis (fabric London) - "I am liking All Against The Law here. Support from me fors ure. Nice." Another Great Release from Marc. Will play Crush to pulp."
Tiefschwarz (Basti & Ali) - "Nice nice nice... Spring Pack will get my plays. Thanks Marc.", "Another great release from Marc. Will play Crush To Pulp.", "Prohibition Circus is great!! Plays from me!"
tINI (desolat) - "Home Rebels is a nice one!!! Will play it!"
Tobi Neumann - "Wow! Again a really massive release on Dissonant. I love it, i will order this release again on vinyl!", "All Against The Law" is a big tune, deep, groovy and in the same time really forward. Works well. i like it, i play it!", "Big point again! Marc is doing welll! I will order the whole series on vinyl."
Troy Pierce - "Crush To Pulp is sounding cool to me. Really nice groove. Will try it out!", "WOW. Spring Pack is SICK!!"
Victor Calderone - "I've been looking forward to this one.. Love the basslines.. Full support Marc!!"

Ceoltronic Radio (RTE Pulse, Dublin) - "Loving Prohibition Circus. Very nice. Will feature on Ceoltronic Radio tonight.", "All Against The Law all the way for me. Sounds great. Will feature on Ceoltronic Radio. Thanks."
DocePulgadas Radio - Spain (Kiko Martinez) - "All Against The Law for us, very nice!", "Great Rhythms throughout!" - "Great release!!"
Club Madnezz Radio Holland - "Really solid underground."
De:Bug Magazine Germany - "Considering for review."
DJ Magazine Es (Angel&Scan Mode) - "Love it "Home Rebels" I think that's a lot interesting track.", "Really cool package."
Dinamo Fm/Istanbul (Chris Colak) - "One of the best albums to be releases this year. Fantastic Debut. Full support and will do a feature as well.", "One of the good albums of this season. Full support", "Very good album from Marc Antona. Mint tracks. Totally DOPE!"
Diversions (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) - "Excellent release - love the delicate grooves of Home Rebels!", "Feelin' the frenetic pace of All Against The Law!"
Ibiza Global Radio - "All 2 tracks are amazing! full support from Ibiza Global Radio.", "Wow! Illegal is powerfull! Full support from Ibiza Global Radio.", "Deep and sweet tracks here! Fantastic for airplay on Ibiza Global Radio.", "Prohibition Circus is nice! Full support on Ibiza Global Radio.", Full support from Ibiza Global Radio will try it at Space Ibiza too."
Music Editor BLN.FM (Corin) - "Spring Pack has a nice deep vibe!", "Home Rebels is beautiful."
Partysan - Stuttgart (Raphael (Club) - "Prohibition Circus is nice!!", "All Against The Law! Good message ;-)", "Illegal for me! Support!"
Paris One Radio (Sebastien B) - "Full Support from Paris One radio!!!"
Plastic Lounge (Radio) - "Again good work of Marc, Will play this"
Radio Na Life (Ireland) - "Music for both, the head and the dancefloor in places. This is impressive."
Radikal/ Halfstereo/ Açik Radio (Christopher Colak, Turkey) - "One of the unique producers around with a discrete sound. I am digging it and fully supporting the debut!"
Sweatlodge Radio (James Blonde) - "Support and plays on Sweat Lodge Radio."
Tsugi Magazine (France) - "Fast Track is a nice one!"
X-Press 2 / MoS Radio (Diesel) - "Excellent double tracker. Feeling both!", "Excellent package will be playing all of these!! Crush To Pulp my fav.", "Love it!! Last Taboo is HEAVY!!", "Really like both of these. Perfect late night tackle!"

Releases Dissonant

It took more than 2 years for Cardace & Perazzini to produce and fine-tune their incredible album. As a result, we can enjoy the finest yet powerful music : acoustic and organic feelings, energic and groovy rythms !
"Noir Jungle Part I EP" (DS032).
Already available on vinyl and digital...

Cardace & Perazzini - Noir Jungle Part I EP

It took more than 2 years for Cardace & Perazzini to produce and fine-tune their incredible album. As a result, we can enjoy the finest yet powerful music : acoustic and organic feelings, energic and groovy rythms !
"Noir Jungle Part II EP" (DS033).
DS033 already available on vinyl and digital...

Marc Antona returns with two powerful musical journeys combining organic feelings and electronic elements. Ready for a thrilling musical trip and dancefloor experience !
"Unrestricted EP" (DS031).
DS031 already available on vinyl and digital...

Marc Antona - Unrestricted EP

Dissonant is proud to present its first Various Artists EP. Supporting new talent alongside well-established figures, this collection of tracks throws some exciting and promising new names into the label !
"VA1 EP" (DS030).
DS030 already available on vinyl and digital...

Dissonant returns with some thrilling, fresh grooves from New York City by the talented producer Bobby Gasparakis. Gripping story, spiritual experience, organic melodies.... but also powerful grooves !
"Nafpi EP" (DS029).
DS029 already available on vinyl and digital...

Gaspara - Nafpi EP

Welcome onboard to Daniel Stefanik, one of the best techno/house musician ever ! His discography is made of some of the most Essential Albums And Singles. He offers up here two perfect tracks between cerebral intrigue and instinctive deep techno-house groove.
"Aftermath EP" (DS028).
DS028 already available on vinyl and digital...

Daniel Stefanik - Aftermath EP

Dissonant presents the talented Romanian producer Lumieux from the vibrant thriving Bucharest scene. The two tracks are designed to live and breathe in high definition to feel their catchy melodies and rythms.
"En Kribe Ob EP" (DS027).
DS027 already available on vinyl and digital...

Lumieux - En Kribe Ob EP

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